lynn harvey

Professional Boxer

Lynn joined a boxercise class at 30 years of age with no previous experience of the gym or any kind of training. She agreed to do a white-collar charity boxing show 3 weeks later and in her own words, ”got bashed!”. “I took it very bad I thought either I’ll never show my face there again or else ill go back and do it properly, so that’s what I done”.


Lynn joined the boxing club officially and swore she’d be a champion. She trained non-stop, within a year she was novice all Ireland Champion (2012) moving then to Intermediate Champion 2013. Then in 2014 Lynn was the National Elite Champion of Ireland, which was as high as she could go in Irish amateur boxing.


Lynn was offered to go away to represent Ireland but turned it down as it wasn’t what she wanted or dreamed of. In her own words, “I fight for myself for my own personal reasons to combat my own demons I didn’t want to take a slot that I wouldn’t appreciate! Some people were disappointed with me at the time, but since then have said they respect me for staying true to myself.”


At this point Lynn took time out to figure out exactly what she wanted to do and the following year she applied for her pro licence. “Bearing in mind there was only one woman pro in Ireland at the time, it was pretty much unheard of !”


Lynn was passed and turned professional. From then she has moved clubs, and is now based in a new club with Steven O’Rourke and a new stable of very talented fighters . “I love the club and I am planning to try challenge for a European Belt by Christmas 2018.”


Lynn’s pro record is 4 -1

“The one loss was devastating, as it was only my second fight after a year out of the ring, I’m a light fly and she was super bantam and she was way more experienced than me. I was badly hurt mentally & physically, however I got over it very quickly, my resilience is one of my best traits!”


Lynn is a very proud mother and role model to Tyler who’s 11 years old. Tyler goes to all of Lynn’s fights and has recently started boxing!