Julianne Larkin

Registered Dietitian

Sports Nutritionist

Personal Trainer


Julianne is Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition from the Ulster University.


She has worked as a Clinical Dietitian for the NHS for several years but has since gone on to open up her own private practice where she specialises in weight management & athletic performance.


She is a former competitive swimmer herself and is now the Official Sports Dietitian for many sports clubs across the country. She works at an elite level with National & International athletes competing at Commonwealth, European and World Championship level.

Julianne is extremely passionate about getting to know each of her clients’ needs on an individual basis. She understands that nutrition can be extremely confusing for people and that everyday life places many barriers in our way to achieving our goals.


It is for this reason that she enjoys delivering education and sharing her nutritional knowledge with others by hosting educational seminars across Northern Ireland. In addition to this, she realises that some people simply need focus and a personalised nutrition plan to follow in the early days to remove the stress of having to make appropriate food choices.

Julianne is very realistic and practical in her approach to nutrition and she provides effective long term evidence based solutions rather than promoting fad diets. She believes that there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods and we should all be able to enjoy our favourite foods in moderation. She has helped hundreds of people to dramatically change their lives, achieve their desired athletic goals and to improve their health and quality of life.