Who are WE?

We are a lifestyle and training brand designed specifically by women for women! 


When it comes to sports and fitness training, women can and often are overlooked. It is our goal to provide women of all shapes and sizes with high quality performance and fitness apparel and accessories. We understand that when you look good you feel good. Or in our case when you look Fierce you will feel Fierce, whether it be while you are training or if you decide  to be casual we have you covered.


We want women from every walk of life to stand together and be Fierce! Take part and stand out! 

The Fierce community is here to make sure you never give up, to stay strong, Fierce and full of fire! 


We want you to look good, feel good and never hold back when it comes to doing what you do. Providing you with the right high quality gear for whatever journey you are in whether you’re taking up a new sport or continuing on your fitness journey. 


Remember to stay brave, strong, fearless and most of all FIERCE! 

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Our Brand - Our Design

The Lioness, is the core of our brand and a reminder that in most cases the female is in fact more deadly than the male. Women should never be underestimated in any situation especially sport! We are behind every woman that gets up and takes part.
We believe Women are Brave, Strong, Fearless